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Feb 19, 2020, Hairstyles with difficulty for non celebs are popular in Korea.
● TV Series “Itaewon Class” Park Seo Jun-style “chestnut” down perm ● TV Series “Love Emergency” HyunBin-style “dandy” down perm
● Cut is 10,000 won (about 900 yen), cut and down Perm: 25,000 won (about 2,200 yen).

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Feb 18, 2020, HyunBin & Son YEJI reemerge Love Affair Rumors again. .
● In the “Crash of Love” making video, “Chimeku (chicken + beer)” scenes pointed out that the right hand of HyunBin and the left hand of Song YEJI did not move for a while and were connected under the table.


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Feb 17, 2020, HyunBin & Son YEJI's new Topics are still hot after the broadcast of "Landing Emergency". . .

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Feb 17, 2020, Actor HyunBin, actress Song YEJI, “Similar” is Hot Topic.
● Co-starring TV Series “Like Emergency Landing” is a huge success. ● Responses such as “Similar” of fans are “suitable” and “I want the TV Series passion to become a reality”. .
● Love Affair Rumors has been reported in the past. .

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Feb 17, 2020, Actor HyunBin and actress Song YEJI Ng co-star TV series “Land Emergency Landing”, which ended last night at EP16.
● The audience rating exceeds 21%, even though it is not terrestrial broadcasting.
● In the TVN production TV Series, the first-ranked audience rating was updated. .
● New ranking below
1, Emergency landing of love: 21.6%
2, Tokkebi: 20.5%
3. Respond 1988: 18.8%.

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Feb 16, 2020, [Fan Cam A] Actor HyunBin & Actress Song YEJI Nang Look “Participation in Love” wrap-up party Participation | Hyun Bin Son Ye Jin “Crash landing on you” Wrap up party 2020. 02. 16

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Feb 16, 2020, [Fan Cam A] "Land Emergency Landing" wrap-up party, actors HyunBin & actress Song YEJI N & Seo JiHye main performers | "Crash landing on you" Wrap up party 2020. 02. 16

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Feb 16, 2020, [Fan Cam A] Actor HyunBin attends wrap-up party "Let's Emergency Landing"

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Feb 09, 2020, Actor HyunBin, "Nationality" is Hot Topic in Korea.
● The TV series "Landing Emergency" starring actress Son YEJI, who had Love Affair Rumors, is finally climaxing.
● HyunBin cannot return to North Korea because of the father of a party leader and cannot return to North Korea.
● A scene of about 0.2 seconds flows in the teaser edition. The "Nationality" field on the ID card is "China". .

‪ ※ TV Series fans are predicting that this is the key to their happy ending‬

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Feb 04, 2020, Twink rookie actor revenge on "bullying during school"?
● Popular TV Series Newcomer Lee Shin-young who is popular for the appearance of “Love Emergency”
-Junior high school and high school alumni have "authorized" their status with graduation albums, and are accusing the SNS of the past of "school violence" one after another. . .

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