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Dec 02, 2019, [D Official jyp] JY Park (JY Park) "FEVER (Feat.SUPERBEE), BIBI)" MV

2019.12.01 SUN 6PM MUSIC

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Nov 25, 2019, JY Park was revealed to have been encouraged to buy music at JTBC “Newsroom” which appeared in 2015. .
● I think that there is sound source buying up.
● I heard from the broker that “six of the TOP 10 sound source charts are the result of buying up sound sources”. .

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Nov 20, 2019, [D Official jyp] JY Park “FEVER (Feat. SUPERBEE, BIBI)” Teaser Image 3

2019.11.30 SAT 6PM M/V
2019.12.01 SUN 6PM

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Nov 15, 2019, . . [D Official jyp] "Master JYP" JY Park, the active comeback "FEVER" Teaser Image 2 released. #JYPark #FEVER
● Actress Cho Yeo Jung's MV appearance is also Hot Topic.
● 2019.11.30 SAT 6PM M / V
● 2019.12.01 SUN 6PM

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Nov 12, 2019, "TWICE's father" "Master JYP" JY Park, active comeback. .
● November 30, MV announcement of new song “FEVER” teaser
● MV co-starred with actress Cho Yeo Jung.
● Coincidentally, I watched the movie “Parasitics” (the title in Japan is “Parasite Semi-Underground Family”) and suggested to appear to actress Cho Yeo Jung. .

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Nov 05, 2019, [D Official jyp] JY Park, “JY Park Concert No.1 X 50” held on 12/28, 12/29 and 12/31 in Seoul ・ Olympic Park Olympic Hall.

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Nov 05, 2019, [D Official jyp] JY Park, “JY Park Concert No.1 X 50” will be held at Busan / Sajiku Indoor Gymnasium on 12/25.

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Nov 05, 2019, [D Official jyp] JY Park, “JY Park Concert NO.1 X 50” will be held at Dec. 21 at the convention hall in Okuma / EXCO.

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Oct 21, 2019, The award ceremony “MAMA”, this year is a series of “difficulty”. .
● "Asia's largest award ceremony" in various aspects. It is also famous for JYPJ Y Park's “foot performance”.
● Democratization demonstrations continued in the original venue “Hong Kong”, giving up on holding in Hong Kong.
● Announced the first time in Nagoya. However, a controversy broke out in South Korea on the issue of the display of the "comfort girl" image. An atmosphere where famous actors refrain from participating as awards for Nagoya.

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Mar 24, 2019, JYP Entertainment talks about "safe reasons" in Korea from YG Enter. .
※ JYPJ Y Park interviewed on the show.
● All staff members (in JYP) can not go to any bar that women come out.
● At first the officers were noisy. If so, where can you meet? Even though everyone is meeting at such a place. . 。
‪ ● I persuaded that "the company may be destroyed". 。
‪ ● "Please think that the moment you move in and out of the space where women come to entertain, think you will leave the company". . ‬

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