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Jul 27, 2018, JYP representative JY Park, thank you for the fans. "Thank you very much for you fans and colleagues who have made JYP for 20 years."

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Jun 04, 2018, BOY STORY discovered by JY Park, to debut in September. The average age is 13 years old. Everyone is Chinese. JYP's Chinese corporation JYP China and TME of China belong to the nova entertainment company.

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May 06, 2018, [Literal translation] "JYP" JY Park's "relief faction" coverage, this time the "relief faction" announces Official position.
* Cult religion which is said to be related to the operating company that caused the accident "Sewol" in 2014.
* It became a chance that the accident would be an event, impresed Korean former president Park impeached, regime change.
* Mr. Yu Byong-On's niece is JY Park's remarriage partner, who was discovered in white bones while arranging for the case. a conspiracy theory on Mr. Yu has such as "suicide was found", "living in China" is persistent.
* On May 2, the press that JY Park hosted means "he is a member of relief faction" claims to the Bible study meeting which "Yon-sama" Bae Yong-joon also participated.

* Religious factions' church announces Official position. The full text of literal translation below.

Inquiries are still being submitted related to JY Park. We will organize the position of the Christian gospel Baptist party (※ relief faction, unlike Baptist church).

JY Park does not belong to our society and does not share church activities. The gathering which became a problem is not a gathering of our organization. Through news, we also learned about (* the same meeting).

The secretariat and lecturer are managing the schedule for the evangelism (missionary) gathering of this organization, and not everyone can set up as a lecturer. We can not open a rally personally without our consent for the cult. I do not recommend to study the Bible personally while leaving the instructor absent.

When I had a gathering of my wife's relatives, Ms. JY Park asked me to visit the church and attend church Bible study. I heard that the believers who got there participated in the meeting of Mr. JY Park this time.

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May 02, 2018, [Literal translation] JYP JY Park, warning against "DISPATCH" which reported that it is "relief faction".
※ Full text of literal translation below.

Is it a religious fellow?

I borrowed a place, I told the Bible study group I taught is a religious group meeting?

One hundred people gathered to listen to my lecture and some of them called "relief school" wanted to listen to my lecture, but it was a relief group gathering What?

I, personally, or in the company dimension of JYP entertainment is also a relief school though it has nothing to do with the business of the collective name of the "relief faction" gathering?

Did you report such an article without having to even confirm facts as to how it is responsible for the damage to me and our company at the same time?

Four years ago, a friend and two people gathered twice a week to study the Bible, friends of friends, friends of that friend, and now about 30 people gathered. But this is a collection of popular names "relief faction"?

Please take a look at it once every day because I post a printed testimonial. If there is a legal or ethical problem in that, your interview will be reasonable, but if not, we will bear the legal responsibility for all the damage to us I guess.

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May 02, 2018, "JYP" JY Park, "Yo-sama" Bae Young-jun, "the relief faction" covered in Korea?
* Sects that are said to be "Christian religion", although it is a series of Christianity. It is treated as "heretical cult" from the main Christian cult of Korea.
* Sinking accident on passenger ship "Sewol" in 2014. The owner of the shipping company was a representative of this sect. In the wanted arrangement, it was discovered in a figure which committed suicide and became a whitish.
* There is a theory that the backdrop of the "Great Colossary Suicide Incident" in 1987 is this denomination, and there is a persistent conspiracy theory such as "sacrifice" against the sinking case.
* In fact, the stock price of JYP Enter, which was favorable due to the success of TWICE by the report of today's "JY Park relief school theory", collapsed. The person himself refused.

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May 02, 2018, "Master of TWICE" JYP Park Chinyon, video filmed today in South Korea.
* Said to be "missionary" of "relief aid" for cult religion.
* Also the appearance of "Yon-sama" actor Bae Yong Joon.
* They revealed that they are meeting for "studies of the Bible".

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May 02, 2018, Singer JY Park, actor Bae Yong Joon, attending a relief benefit? Both office side 'confirming'.

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May 02, 2018, Singer JY Park, large garden at home.

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Mar 10, 2018, JYP JY Park, appeared in "Knowing Bros".
* "Before debut, I fell in the audition of President SM Lee Suman"
* After that, debut with "Master" Kim Hyung Seok PD.
* Mistaken for actor Jung Woo Sung and appeared on TV.

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Dec 11, 2017, Singer JY Park, the beginning of the year-end concert "2017J Y Park's Bad Party BLUE & RED". 8th - 10th, Olympic Park Olympic Hall. The theme is "Love between men and women" and "under 19 years old ban" dance explosion.

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