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Jul 26, 2020, [G Official] G-DRAGON (BIGBANG), @ we11done did well done 🔥

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Jul 26, 2020, [G Official] G-DRAGON (BIGBANG), 💫

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Jul 26, 2020, [G Official] G-DRAGON (BIGBANG), 🎬

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Jul 20, 2020, #BIGBANG TOP, "BLACK PINK" video is Hot Topic. ..
● Today, he publish his own video on SNS.
● This is management office “YG” junior BLACKPINK's video with TOP's face composited.
● Pros and cons from Korean BLACKPINK fans. ..

* This technology, which is called Deep Fake, is also used in fake AV productions of famous celebrities, and has become a worldwide problem.

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Jul 13, 2020, Korean cosmetic surgery surgeon announces the frequency ranking of photos taken by those who wish to have "nasal cosmetic surgery" brought to the hospital.
1st place, "Mrs. BIGBANG SOL" #Min HYOLyn
2nd place, #Han Ga In
Third place, #Sin Se Gyeong.

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Jul 10, 2020, "YG's enemy," Han Seo Hee, currently on probation, drug tested positive.
● In 2017, she invited TOP (BIGBANG) to do cannabis
● Judgment at that time was 3 years in prison, 4 years in suspension
● After that, “Yansa” Yang Hyun Suk and iKON BI and other YG related people were “sniped” one after another
● On the 8th of the day before yesterday, the probation office conducted a piss test without teaser. The result is drug positive
● Possibility of 3-year sentence.

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Jul 09, 2020, "BIGBANG" G-DRAGON is trending for the conversation with older sister Dami.
● G-DRAGON sent a picture of the broadcast of new TV series "Did we love you?" starring brother-in-law Kim Min Ju.
Dami: You're watching too, my son.
Thank you so much.

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Jun 27, 2020, #BIGBANG GD, "dog's nails" are controversial.
-The pet dogs "Kaho" and "Jolly" that GD brought to the public. Currently living in a pension run by my parents ● Recently, an SNS where fans visiting the pension criticize the dog's nail length. He has not taken a walk ● There is a controversy between "GD's responsibility" vs. "parent's responsibility" vs "reason".

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Jun 15, 2020, “Father of #BIGBANG” “Yansa” Yang Hyun Suk, possibility of returning to YG.
● Retired from YG in a police investigation of 400 million won of “addictive gambling”, “prostitution ARRANGING” and “violation of foreign exchange law”.
● The prosecution has "no suspicion" except for gambling
● Betting is also indicted as “simple betting” instead of “habitual betting”. A fine of less than 10 million won.
*If confirmed, there is a possibility of returning to YG.

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