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Oct 30, 2020, RAINBOW former member Cho Hyunyoung, height & weight released. It is 159.7 cm and weighs 41.3 kg.

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Jun 30, 2020, "RAINBOW" former member Jisoo's marriage announcement, "her partner" is trending in Korea.
● He is a Seoul University graduate and a genius programmer
● He warned that there was a risk of hacking the university's information system while he was at school
● He warned "If the university does not take actions, I will hack the records of existing students. The admission photo of actress Kim Tae Hee was released and he gave the university a wake up call.
● University officials, who were unaffected by his warning, immediately improved the system. After that, there was no hacking damage to Seoul National University for 14 years.
-He was in a crisis of "forced withdrawal", but it was acknowledged that there was no malicious intention, and he graduated safely.
● After graduation, he was active as the president of a venture company.
● I met RAINBOWs Jisoo on a consultation about a malicious comment on SNS, and they became friends with common interests such as games.
●Today officially announces their plans to marry in October.
* After all that the malicious comment became a cupid?

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Jun 30, 2020, "RAINBOW" former member Jisoo Ku, married in October with Lee Do-hee, a dating partner. .. ..

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Mar 13, 2020, RAINBOW former member Jisoo Ku has appeared on a radio show with her lover and programmer Lee Du-hee in a “couple look” in pink. . .

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Mar 06, 2020, RAINBOW former member J Duo, a programmer dating and entrepreneur Lee Du-hee, has created an app for notifying sales of masks. . .

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Nov 18, 2019, [Japanese Sub] 【Japanese Sub】 RAINBOW-Aurora

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Nov 15, 2019, [G Official] BIGBANG TOP, Yeah I thought it was RAINBOW tengo. #Cereal.

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Oct 31, 2019, RAINBOW, comeback theory.
● "RAINBOW is Back"
● Wake up, Rainers
● "Coming Soon!"
※ WEDDING RUMORS between Jisoo and famous programmers at Seoul University former member is officially denied. . .

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Oct 29, 2019, RAINBOW former member Jisoo Ku, acknowledges the passion for programmer and business person Lee Doohi. . .

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Oct 24, 2019, RAINBOW is celebrating to celebrate its 10th anniversary. .

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