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Aug 25, 2020, #BTS, today's midnight shooting.
● After finishing the new MV shooting, I finally leave the job feeling tired.
●The point of today's shooting is a classic car. ..
From @YouTube.

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Aug 25, 2020, [Official mbm] [Star show.zip] Get the ball... ☆ Will you throw it? Legendary heart attack romance simulation! <Good-looking bulletproof high school> Making Part.2 l BTS

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Aug 25, 2020, [Official mbm] [Star Show.zip] Hoxy. ☆ Are you a transfer student who came today..? Making of the Legendary <Bulletproof High School> Part.1 BTS

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Aug 25, 2020, #BTS, "Misunderstanding of overseas fans" is trending in Korea.
● The new song “Dynamite” “B-side MV” will be released at midnight this morning.
●For overseas fans, choreography is interpreted as meaning “wash your hands with COVID-19 measures”.
● Actually, he was parodying No Hong-chul's "Narcissist lotion application" which was very popular for "Infinite Challenge".

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Aug 25, 2020, #BTS, Autobiography TV Series "Blue Sky" is trending in Korea.
● TV series from member's school days to debut. Starring actor Seo Ji Hoon and actress Woo Hijin.
● A strict confidentiality agreement, which is unusual for the Korean TV Series.
● TV Series PD from "Mr. Nakanaka Cruel History" and writers from "Old Miss Diary" participated.

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Aug 25, 2020, [Official] BTS (BTS), Sing "Dynamite" with me-Jimin

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Aug 25, 2020, [V Official] BTS_ (BTS_ ) "Dynamite" Official MV (B-side)

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Aug 25, 2020, [Official bht] BTS (BTS), "Dynamite" Official MV (B-side)

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Aug 24, 2020, Big Hit Edu is an educational independent corporation of Big Hit Entertainment, releases learning material "Learn! KOREAN with BTS" package developed today for foreign fans to learn Korean with BTS easily and fun.

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Aug 24, 2020, Actor Seo Ji Hoon cast as a BTS member in the new TV series "Blue Sky" depicting the world view of BTS.

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