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  • Oct 21, 2020

Minho (SHINee) will be introduced on the Korean Marine Corps SNS that he has returned the vacation before discharge and is participating in the training. .. ● Recently, COVID-19 regulated vacations, allowing soldiers to discharge at home without returning to the unit with an average of one month of pre-discharge vacation. However, there are Marines who are returning to the training before the discharge to participate in the final training in the army with their comrades! The hero is! Captain Choi Min-ho, who is performing his duties as a member of the Rapid Task Force in the 1st Division of the Marine Corps. If it is on schedule, I will finish my defense obligations at home on November 15 after the discharge vacation on October 27, but I participated in the national defense training and gave my successors the training and personal tactics I had experienced together so far. In order to transfer know-how, we decided to return the 20-day pre-discharge vacation and discharge it as a unit. Choi was active as a celebrity before joining the army, and joined the Marine Corps at a relatively older age in April last year, but of course he actively participated in each training and operation, as well as a model military life. He was a Marine who was trusted by his predecessors, successors and executives, and was praised by his surroundings for his peculiar honesty and cheerful personality. Choi Marine who is happy to be able to decorate the endless beauty! I will support you until the day you discharge.

An Seong Ki

Korean national actor Ahn Sung Ki is reported to have suffered from stress-induced brain disease. .. ..

Kim Soo Hyun

"GHOST 9" Lee Shin (real name: Kim Soo Hyun), when the graduation photo is released, it becomes Hot Topic when it is too handsome. .. ..


Trainee KEI who appeared on Mnet "I-LAND" and Korean Official NAVER fan community celebrated their birthday grandly. .. ● Advertisement on Times Square in New York, USA, exits of Silkworm Station and Gangnam Station in South Korea, SUPERIOR TOWER at Samsung Station, COEX Crown Media ● Part of the month will be presented ● Illuminated at Fukuoka Tower in Japan.


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