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  • A friend of the late Sulli said, "Her brother is in contact with the fans."
A friend of the late Sulli said, "Her brother is in contact with the fans."
A, former member of the Korean girl group "f (x)" claims to be a friend of the late SULLI for 15 years, revealed about SULLI's brother.

A friend told SNS on the 14th, "Jinli (SULLI) left and found out that we were sinners for Jinri, so I didn't feel like doing anything. We also had her family. I believed it was the same feeling. "

A friend said, "I heard that until recently, she used to be 'Jinri's brother' to keep in touch with her fans. In addition, her mom was on TV and we knew. I saw him telling a different story than he was saying, and realized that silence was not the only answer. "

He added, "I'm predicting to some extent what it will look like if I talk about my friend's family situation. With that in mind, it's this sentence that just a friend has repeatedly appealed to his family. I want you to understand that it wasn't written randomly. "

The friend revealed on social media that she was hurt by financial problems with her family even after the late SULLI's special program was broadcast on MBC.

The late SULLI's brother expressed anger at his friend's post, saying, "What do the friends I respected at the time do (exposing) like this ... Are you a friend who knows better than anyone? I wonder if he is a friend. "

However, on the 14th, her brother said "In the past, I took a unilaterally arrogant attitude toward my sister's (SULLI) friends, and showed violent behavior and dishonest attitude in the dispute. I'm sorry to have been on the sidelines of the fact that the spread of rumors was encouraged because of this"

Published : 2020/09/15 22:30 KST

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