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  • [Topic] Ji Chang Wook & Kim Ji Won expects a romantic comedy couple to star in the new TV series
[Topic] Ji Chang Wook & Kim Ji Won expects a romantic comedy couple to star in the new TV series
Korean actor Ji Chang Wook and actress Kim Ji Won have decided to co-star and have become Hot Topic.

Kakao TV's original TV series "How to Love Urban Men and Women (original title)" scheduled to be broadcast in the second half of 2020 will confirm the casting of the two and will start full-scale shooting.

He was in charge of "Discovery of Love" and "Romance is a Bonus Book", including "I Need Romance" series called "Love Comedy Bible" with director Park Shin-woo of "It's Okay to Psycho" and "Don't Dare to Envy". Writer Jung Hyun Jung teams up.

Above all, it is attracting attention as the first digital TV series of director Park Shin Woo and screenwriter Chung Hyeon Jung, who have a special view on romance, and a new style called "Short form" of 30 minutes. It is also expected what kind of sensibility will be put into.

In this film, Ji Chang Wook plays the honest and passionate architect Park Jae Won, who has a romance of loving the alleys of the city and is a passionate man for collecting.

Ji Chang Wook said, "It's a work by screenwriter Chung Hyeon Jung and director Park Shin Woo who have been hoping to work together, so I'm looking forward to preparing it. It's called Short Form TV Series. I would like to ask for a lot of expectations because it is a work that will be shown in a new channel in a format. "

Kim Ji Won, who plays freelancer marketer Lee Uno, said, "I'm excited to be with a good director, screenwriter, and actors. I'm eager to show another figure through Lee Uno. I'm preparing for it. I hope you enjoy it even a little during difficult times. "

KakaoTV's original TV series "How to Love Urban Men and Women" is scheduled to be released on KakaoTV in the latter half of 2020.

Published : 2020/10/17 22:40 KST

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