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  • Seo Hye-lin (EXID) part-time work at a restaurant after the contract expires.
Seo Hye-lin (EXID)  part-time work at a restaurant after the contract expires.
In the program "Miss Back", Hye-lin of the group "EXID" reported on the recent situation of working part-time at a restaurant after the contract expired and collected Hot Topic.

Hye-lin "EXID" appeared on the MBN variety show "Miss Back" broadcast on the 12th.

In the broadcast of the day, Hye-lin joined as a new member. When asked by the MCs to ask why they decided to appear while belonging to "EXID", Hye-lin revealed that "although it has not been disbanded, all members are doing individual activities" and five people are working together. I had more troubles than when I was there, so I decided to appear in order to grow as a singer Hye-lin."

Regarding the hit song "Up & Down", Hye-lin said, "I prepared desperately in a situation where I could only release one song. I did my best thinking that it was my last chance." I couldn't get it. The stage footage shot by the fans in it became Hot Topic and became popular afterwards, "said the past that grew into a popular girls group at the end of a long unknown era.

Currently, Hye-lin confesses that members will go their own way in 2019 when the contract with the management office expires, "Members fill me who tend to be nervous because there are many things I can not do alone. "I was under a lot of pressure to do it all by myself," she said, revealing her feelings and expressing desire to overcome this appearance.

In the broadcast where the appearance of Hye-lin was drawn in earnest, the daily life of starting the day with a mask pack by nasal irrigation immediately after waking up was released. Next, Hye-lin, who is usually known for her dexterity, finished breakfast while showing her ability to cook for herself.

As soon as she took nutritional supplements, started to separate the garbage, and then spent time reading. From the busy daily life, Hye-lin said, "I'm going to be lazy because I'm an individual activity. I'm trying to be there. "

HYERI, who actually worked part-time at a restaurant until recently, said, "I was naturally lazy because my contract expired from the management office. I was working part-time at a nearby restaurant to make a reason why I had to get up early" and reported on the recent situation of striving for a regular life.

Published : 2020/11/13 21:45 KST

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