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  • BTS! YouTube has exceeded 20 million views in 3 hours since the announcement of "BE"
BTS! YouTube has exceeded 20 million views in 3 hours since the announcement of "BE"
The new album "BE" of "BTS" was released at the same time all over the world, but within 3 hours from the announcement, the title song "Life Goes On" exceeded 20 million views on YouTube.

On the 20th, AFP news agency said, "K-POP and" BTS "fans all over the world have been waiting for a new album, and soon after the new album was announced, they all played songs, and the MV of " Life Goes On "became popular."

Before the release, Big Hit Entertainment, the affiliation office, said, "The eight songs on this album, which also includes Dynamite, are the 6th albums recorded in Korean for BTS.

"Life Goes On" is a song that sang a message of hope following the spread of the COVID-19 virus. There are over 560,000 comments left on YouTube. One fan wrote about the album's release as "the happiest event of the year."

Another fan said, "When I felt like garbage and wanted to die, 'BTS' released an album. Their music saved me many times. They are still saving me."

"BTS" debuted in 2013 and has gained worldwide popularity with concert tickets sold out in Los Angeles, Paris and London last year.

The English single "Dynamite" released in August was the first Korean musician to reach No. 1 on the Billboard main chart "HOT 100".

Published : 2020/11/21 23:45 KST

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