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  • BoA expresses interest in marriage → reveals unique ideals
BoA expresses interest in marriage → reveals unique ideals
BoA will appear on the SBS variety "Mirai Uchiko" and will show off the opposite adorable and humane charm on the stage.

The studio performers welcomed the appearance of BoA, the former K-POP star who celebrated the 20th anniversary of her debut, saying "The stars of Asia have come" and "The appearance of her childhood remains as it is". BoA sang her song, which she thought was most important and liked, with a cappella, and heaped up the atmosphere of the studio.

However, as well as singing, BoA's best hateful behavior in life, which was excellent enough to study as the number one on campus when she was a student, was released and surprised the record scene. BoA, who turned from a teenage girl to a women in her thirties, expressed a keen interest in marriage and confessed to her ideal partner, which was somewhat unique but convincing. In addition, the performers in the studio applauded BoA, who chose the person closest to the ideal male figure, saying that he was "daring" and "has eyes to see people."

BoA, who talks about the happiest moment since her debut, was known to have sweated cold sweat in the past video of unexpected tears, and stimulated curiosity about this broadcast.

BoA's candid story will be revealed on the SBS variety show "My Little Old Boy" which will be broadcast from 9:05 pm on the 22nd.

Published : 2020/11/21 19:31 KST

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