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  • BI (former iKON), "EPIK HIGH" album featuring participation controversy.
BI (former iKON), "EPIK HIGH" album featuring participation controversy.
While BI, a former member of the idol group "iKON", participated in the album "EPIK HIGH" as a feature, there are pros and cons to his return.

"EPIK HIGH" recently released the featuring participants of their 10th full-length album, which will be released on the 18th through official materials. Among them was the name of BI who withdrew from "iKON" on suspicion of smoking drugs in 2019, and it was immediately discussed.

BI was found to have smoked cannabis in 2016, and in 2019 left iKON and cancelled exclusive contract with its former management office YG Entertainment. At the time, BI apologized on his Instagram, "I'm really sorry for the controversy caused by my too inappropriate behavior." "At one point, it was so hard and painful that I wanted to rely on not even being interested, but I was too scared to do that," he said. Originally said he didn't actually take cannabis. Left a nuance note. However, BI subsequently admitted some of the charges in police interrogations and was disappointed.

Currently, regarding BI's alleged cannabis smoking, the conclusion of the case has not yet been reached. Under such circumstances, it is premature for BI to participate in the "EPIK HIGH" album as a feature.

On the other hand, some Internet users have been making efforts to refrain from volunteering at a child care facility last year, such as donating 100,000 masks to spread the spread of COVID-19 virus, and are returning. There is also an opinion to support.

At present, BI, who is registered as an internal director of IOK, has been interested in what kind of return movement will be shown in the future, starting with the album featuring of "EPIK HIGH".

Published : 2021/01/13 17:32 KST

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