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  • "Stray Kids" sold more than 1 million albums in Korea in 2020 ... Proof of "Performance Famous Store"
"Stray Kids" sold more than 1 million albums in Korea in 2020 ... Proof of "Performance Famous Store"
"Stray Kids" has proved its solid strength by surpassing the total annual domestic album sales of 1 million copies.

According to the announcement of the album aggregation site Gaon Chart, "Stray Kids" recorded sales of 1,016,120 albums (hereinafter referred to as "Gaon Chart issue volume standard") during the last year.

This is a record of total cumulative sales including the 1st album "GO Nama" and the repackaged album "IN Nama" released in 2020, as well as the existing domestically released albums, and has a larger fan base and influence.

"Stray Kids" achieved its own maximum number of albums in the 1st album and repackaged album, and succeeded in continuous performance. Cumulative sales of the two works reached 364,252 and 440,625, respectively, for a total of 804,877, showing off the unstoppable momentum of a next-generation K-POP leader.

From the pre-debut album "Mixtape" to "Clé: LEVANTER" released in December 2019, driven by the great success of the members and their popularity both in Japan and overseas, the total sales of existing albums reached 210,000 in the last year alone. Beyond, received stable love.

"Stray Kids" has made a clear mark through the "Mala genre" music and concept, which is an unforgettable attraction once you see it. In particular, each album has a special meaning in that the songs written and composed directly by the members, centered on the production team "3RACHA" in the group, shine even more and attract the hearts of fans all over the world.

In addition, many foreign media outlets such as Billboard, TIME, MTV, and BuzzFeed have put them on the charts, attracting attention as a new popular K-POP group and collecting Hot Topic.

"Stray Kids" will release its 2nd album in 2021 and is expected to renew the musicality that it has refined. In addition, we will prepare various projects such as original reality, season songs, collaborations, pop-up stores, etc. and continue to be popular by communicating with fans.

Published : 2021/01/13 22:00 KST

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