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  • Actress Park Sin Hye appears in music video of the warm winter love song "free flight" by "sensitivity genius" Dvwn
Actress Park Sin Hye appears in music video of the warm winter love song "free flight" by "sensitivity genius" Dvwn
Musician Dvwn stimulated the sensibility of winter.

Dvwn released a digital single "free flight" at 6 pm on the 12th through various music STREAM sites.

Dvwn's own song "free flight" is a song that expresses the feeling of compassion for a lover from a distance, with delicate lyrics, on top of a jazz-style melody and a dreamlike warm sound.

It's an awkward but sincere song, and the lyrics that tell the story are impressive, hoping that you can't freely reveal the feelings you wanted to express, and that you can easily share your sad feelings even on Yumenoshima.

Dvwn said, "Don't regret the flight going to you / I'm free for you anytime / Don't worry, I'll do my best today / I'll pick you up tomorrow / Be careful and go over" Show off the spoiledness through the lyrics of.

Actress Park Sin Hye has started to support the music video as a heroine. Park Sin Hye's delicate facial expression along with Dvwn's sweet and beautiful vocals gives the feeling of watching a movie. It draws deeply the complex and subtle emotional lines of love that everyone can sympathize with, and raises the immersiveness of the song.

Dvwn, which has the meaning of "voice to wake up at dawn", expressed his own firm identity with warm sensibility and gentle lyrics through the "dawn defibrillation" series.

In addition, he participated in music work such as "GFRIEND", Kang Daniel, Eric Nam, Babylon, etc., including Chanyeol and Rei of "EXO", proved his musical ability, and was positioned as a "genius of sensitivity" covering various genres.

Above all, this "free flight" has attracted a lot of expectations because it is the first song released by Dvwn after the "Dawn Defibrillation" series. Thanks to this, Dvwn is expected to receive a lot of love this winter with his own warm sensibility.

Published : 2021/01/13 18:07 KST

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