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  • SE7EN wins final victory in "Immortal Song 2"... Passionate performance that suppresses legends who have swept the pop world
SE7EN wins final victory in "Immortal Song 2"... Passionate performance that suppresses legends who have swept the pop world
SE7EN, a male solo singer, won the Legend Dance Singer Edition.

KBS2's music competition show “Immortal masterpiece 2-Singing the Legend” aired in South Korea on the afternoon of 1st was broadcast as a special feature of legend dance singer, Chae Young, SE7EN, “Taesaja”, Hong Kyung Min, Jun. Jin (SHINHWA) etc. appeared. Legend singers who swept the Republic of Korea returned as the third edition of the summer feature.

The singer who presented the first stage was the male group "Taesaja". The former ikemen idol "Taesaja" of the world of singing performed the popular song "The way" and was proud of its unchanging charm. The dance and song that captivated everyone left a deep impression.

On the second stage, female solo singer Chae Young performed "The Two of Us". “Sexy DIVA” Chae Young, who struck the 2000s, kept his fame by keeping the looks of his heyday.

The enchanting stage of Dance Queen, whose name is ashamed, led everyone to a standing ovation. The masterpiece judge (judgment) sent support to the Chae Young stage and won one win.

Chongjin, who is still active as the idol group "SHINHWA", performed the "Wa" stage in the third place. A role model for many idols, he has completed the legendary stage, which boasts a powerful dance. He won Chae Young and won one win.

SE7EN, the fourth male solo singer who went on stage, said, "I was very prepared to appear for the first time in a long time," and said, "I prepared a refreshing dance number." He arranged his hit song "Passion" and stood on the stage. I was nervous, so I started drinking a glass of water before Singing the song.

Through this stage, I was able to once again confirm the true value of the soft charismatic “good-looking dancing machine” SE7EN. There was still a passionate passion for Marcos Benjamin Lee.

Also known as "Korean Ricky Martin" Hong Kyung Min and Na Taeju, known for "Taekwondo Trot", met and completed the duet stage. The two performed "Shaky Friendship" and the performance by two men and women far beyond imagination gave a deep impression. However, SE7EN won two wins and proceeded to the final.

Finally, the best male and female unit in the 1990s, "ZAZA", who is still on Hot Topic, also appeared and went on stage. Their nostalgic and fantastic dance performances were enough to scream everyone. Everyone sang "In the bus" of "ZAZA" together.

SE7EN, which won two wins as a result of the selection of the masterpiece judging group, won the final victory by suppressing "ZAZA".

Published : 2020/08/02 20:30 KST

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