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  • "SISTAR" Soyou & "KARA" Nicole, "SHINHWA" Kim Dong Wan & Sung Si Kyung, special daily life have been shared.
"SISTAR" Soyou & "KARA" Nicole, "SHINHWA" Kim Dong Wan & Sung Si Kyung, special daily life have been shared.
On TVN "ON & OFF" broadcast on the 1st, special OFF of Sung Si Kyung and Kim Dong Wan (Shinhwa), who were born in 1979, were released. The energetic daily life of singer Soyou also caught the eye.

The encounter between Sung Si Kyung, the "prince of butter" in Seoul, and Kim Dong Wan, the "prince of Hani" in Kahei, was depicted. Sung Si Kyung visited Kahei with the invitation of Kim Dong Wan. On the way to Kahei, Sung Si Kyung listened to the song "Shinhwa" and recalled his first encounter 19 years ago, and Kim Dong Wan also greeted the guest with a busy tour, such as installing Tarzan play equipment for Sung Si Kyung. Arriving in Kahei, Sung Si Kyung showed an awkward appearance in a strange landscape, and while he was still there, he enjoyed drinking tea against the backdrop of lush nature and enjoying the water in the valley, and was completely absorbed in the charm of nature.

The messy chemistry of Sung Si Kyung and Kim Dong Wan has also added fun. While Sung Si Kyung was looking around Kim Dong Wan's house, he sang with a sweet voice while playing the piano, but said, "I can't do it. "I hate it very much" and made me laugh.

After that, the two people showed T-bone steak and chapaguri Mokpan with sirloin (eating broadcast) in the garden and attracted attention. In addition, while performing improvisational contracts, he showed his breath-taking appearance, followed by an open talk that only friends of the same age could do, and the friendship between Sung Si Kyung and Kim Dong Wan warmed the tea room.

Next, the 11th year singer SOYOU went on and off. The day before the music video was shot, SOYOU, who had her last choreography practice, actively expressed her passion and expressed her passion for dance. Then, instead of eating, he stretched for a diet and showed a professional appearance. The day after the music video was shot, SOYOU headed to Hongcheon to surf. "I used to stay at home when I was off, but I fell in love with surfing and felt the importance of my hobbies," said Soyou, who boasts professional wakesurfing skills.

After surfing, my best friend Nicole has come to Soyou's house for 10 years. Freed from the music video diet, Soyou ate Nicole and Samgyeopsal and spicy cold noodles. The performers who were watching the lively eating Soyou in the studio said “I want to eat” and delivered a laugh. Then, while they were trainees, they looked back on their memories of their idol days while watching Soyou's tough meal diary. “I used to go on an extreme diet in the past, but now I'm on a healthy diet,” said Soyou's favorite eating and playing off-time.

Published : 2020/08/02 19:45 KST

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