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  • Kang Dong Won vs Jung Woo Sung vs Hwang Jung Min... What's the "BIG 3" Korean movies coming up this summer?
Kang Dong Won vs Jung Woo Sung vs Hwang Jung Min... What's the "BIG 3" Korean movies coming up this summer?
The theater, which had been in the worst situation for more than three months since the pandemic declaration of the COVID-19 viral infection (hereinafter, Corona 19), began to get back on track to some extent in July. This is because three works called "BIG3" in the so-called summer have been released since the middle of last month.

Among BIG3, the first released movie "Peninsula'' set a new record from the first day of the release and succeeded in box office, and the movie ``Steel Rain 2 Summit Meeting'' released subsequently was 220,000 on the first day of the release. People were mobilized and the "green light" was lit in the box office. The movie “Just Save from Evil” has been well received after the media distribution preview and the general public preview, and the prospects are bright.

◇ The movie “Peninsula” surpasses 2.5 million at the breakeven point and exceeds 3 million

The movie "Peninsula" directed by Yong Sang-ho exceeded 3 million customers on the 28th of last month, the 14th day of its release. This is a figure that exceeded the revenue break point of 2.5 million people that was initially disclosed by the distributor's NEW side. The total production cost of the "Peninsula" is 19 billion won (about 1.67 billion yen), and it can be said that "it has exceeded the break-even point" by mobilizing more than 5 million people in Japan. However, the distributor explained that the movie had been sold to 185 countries overseas, with 2.5 million people as a substantial break-even point.

The theater performances of the “Peninsula” to date are excellent compared to the “Tent Pole movie” of the past year. In particular, the results at the time of the release were higher than expected. Mobilized 1 million people on the 4th day of publication, and achieved the same result as the 1 million people of the movie "Let's meet in the international market" of 4th place in the box office, and 2 million people on the 7th day of the release Topped. This is a new record since February when Corona 19 spread. Since the release of many large movies since Corona 19, the audience is hungry for "worthy movies", and the "Peninsula" is said to have helped to eliminate this situation to some extent.

However, those who lack the power of movies. The number of spectators on the "Peninsula" has declined since the cumulative number of spectators exceeded 3 million. It cannot be said that the release of the new work "Steel Rain 2 Summit Meeting" has not been affected.

However, the “peninsula” box office continues overseas. It is the number one box office in Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Mongolia and is scheduled to open in New Zealand, North America and Northern Europe earlier this month. This movie is about the story of Jung Suk, a former member of the military profession who returned to Korea, which became ruined as a follow-on movie to the movie "New Infection-Final Express", which was the precursor to the "K-zombie" storm. .. It was released on July 15 and starred in Kang Dong Won, Lee Jong Hyun, and Yle.

◇The movie “Steel Rain 2 Summit Meeting”, “green light” that exceeded 220,000 on the first day of release

The movie "Ame no Ame 2 Summit Meeting" surpassed 220,000 people on the first day of the release, 29th of last month. By the 3rd day of release, the movie “Peninsula” was pushed away and the No. 1 box office was maintained, and the cumulative number of spectators on the 31st of last month was 515,138. He is on cruise with the boxing baton of the movie "Peninsula".

The "Rain of Steel 2 Summit" attracts the attention of the audience with its subtle but unique material that deals with the situation on the Korean Peninsula. The “submarine action” that differentiated it from other movies was particularly well received at the pre-release media distribution preview, and Jung Woo Sung, Yoo Yeon Seock and Angus McFadden also showed a satire comedy in a narrow captain's room. Selected as a movie point.

The “Steel Rain 2 Summit Meeting” has 3.95 million profit branch stores, and the total production cost is 15.4 billion won (about 1,354 million yen). This is a high level compared to the “Peninsula” where the branching point of profits is calculated considering overseas sales profits. There is a possibility that it will be somewhat disadvantageous in that the box office of "Steel Rain 2 Summit" is sandwiched between two movies. In particular, there is only one week difference in the release time from the movie to be released next, "Save Me from Evil", and it cannot be said that there is no disadvantageous factor. However, the movie itself has been well received, and it is expected that “two-sided entertainment” will be sufficient.

◇ The baptism of the movie "Save me from evil", well received after the screening

While the movie "Just Save from Evil" was to discover the fact that the shocking abduction incident in Thailand was related to him, while the assassin Innam was heading to Thailand to find out the truth of the case Is an action-thriller movie about what happens when Ray learns that his brother was assassinated by Innam. Starring Hwang Jung Min, Lee Jung Jae, and Park Jeong Min, this movie features "hard-boiled action" as a signboard, and is a work that "appeals" to audiences who like the action genre.

The movie, which will be released on the 5th of this month, recorded a ticket advance rate of 20% on August 1st, keeping the 2nd place of the advance sale rate following the "Rain of Steel 2 Summit Meeting", and the high expectations of the audience. Proved. The evaluation after the preview is also well received. In particular, it has been well received not only by the media but also by the reaction of the audience who participated in the general preview, and it is expected as a work that is highly likely to be commercially successful.

It is estimated that the total production cost of "just save from evil" is 15.4 billion won (about 1,354 million yen), and the profit break point is about 3.5 million. The whereabouts of this film, which will be released last after the "Peninsula" and "Steel Rain 2 Summit", can be achieved compared to the two previously released films There is.

Published : 2020/08/02 19:40 KST

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