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  • [Full text] “Radio Star,” pointed out by Nam Hisok, “Kim Gra is just playing a character... not a rude MC.”
[Full text] “Radio Star,” pointed out by Nam Hisok, “Kim Gra is just playing a character... not a rude MC.”
South Korean talent Nam Hee-seok has publicly pointed out the attitude of MC Kim Gra of MBC "Radio Star" and has become an affair, so the staff of "Radio Star" has made an official announcement.

The following is the full official announcement by the staff of Radio Star.

Hello. All the staff of MBC "Radio Star".

First of all, we would like to thank all the viewers and people in the media who support the program. We made an official announcement because we wanted to clear up a misunderstanding about what was reported about Mr. Kim Gra, the MC of "Radio Star".

1. Although not shown on the broadcast, MC Kim Gura does his best for the cast.
At the “Radio Star” recording site, Kim Gura cares about other people and cares for the details before and during the recording. Kim Gura, who we have been watching, is not a rude MC.

2. Please understand that Kim Gra shows a character tailored only to "Radio Star".
If you have watched this program for a long time, you know that each MC has a character. In the case of Mr. Kim Gura, when the record does not get excited, it creates an opportunity to draw out the charm of the guest by asking the guest the opposite question and creating an interesting situation, but playing the character I will tell you that I am giving.

3. Kim Gra is the one who proposes an entertainer offer to the staff.
Many of the entertainers who actually made guest appearances on "Radio Star" are the people Kim Gura recommended to the staff. We constantly check the current situation and the situation of junior entertainers, and because they are watching, we suggest that the audience know about it on "Radio Star."

4. "Radio Star" has a limited broadcast time, so some parts may not be visible after editing.
As with many variety shows, the show has been edited to bring fun to the viewers. The edits are made for the viewers and are not a complete picture of Kim Gura.

We, "Radio Star", will continue to make efforts to keep the "Radio Star" color that has been protected for a long time while listening to and changing the opinions of the viewers. Thank you.

All the staff of "Radio Star"

Published : 2020/08/01 23:00 KST

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