“Confidential: International Mutual Assistance Investigation” HyunBin sends a message to the Japanese audience! ”TVXQ” Yunho and Changmin, ”2PM” JUNHO and Chansung and other Korean entertainment industry Videos of acclaimed comments from top stars!
In 2020, the TV series “Crash Landing on You” became the morning greeting for many women. Counting the highest number of views on Netflix, ``Top 1 movies that became the most Hot Topic in Japan''
0” and took first place. Its popularity has spread from Asia to Europe and America, and HyunBin, who played the main character Ri Jeong-hyuk, an elite North Korean soldier, continues to gain new fans as a lover all over the world.
I'm getting a good deal. HyunBin's first starring movie after "Crash Landing on You" has been completed! In Japan, ``Confidential: International Mutual Assistance Investigation'' was a huge hit, staying at number one for five consecutive weeks.
It will be released from September 22nd (Friday). The setting is Korea. Investigators from North Korea, South Korea, and the United States work together to find out the true intentions of each country and solve the problem of the leader of an international criminal organization and the missing $1 billion.
chase HyunBin plays Lim Cheol-ryong, a quiet elite special agent from the North. In keeping with the character of Ri Jeong Hyuk, who has a strong sense of justice in ``Crash Landing on You'', this work features the character Lee Jeong Hyuk.
He captivates with gorgeous and authentic action while dressed in a suit. Furthermore, there is also a pure love strategy, and there is also a cuteness with three purposes. Kang Jin-tae, an unconventional veteran detective from the South, is a famous name in the Korean film industry.
Support player Yoo Hae-jin plays the role and entertains with his contrasting character and witty interactions with Hyun Bin. Jin-tae's sister-in-law, Min-young, is Lim Yoon-ah from SNSD (Girls' Generation). FBI agent
・Jack will be played by Daniel H, who will be co-starring with HyunBin for the first time since "My Name is Kim Sam-soon." A world-class Korean drama that captivates with the chemistry between HyunBin and talented actors.
I can't take my eyes off you even for a second! A message has arrived from HyunBin, who played the lead role, for the Japanese audience! Explaining his role, he said, ``It's on a grand scale and full of highlights.
! ” says HyunBin, promoting his work. With that smile that captivated many people, he sent a message to the Japanese audience. In addition, videos of acclaimed comments from Korean stars have arrived! The other day, ``Matsu
Her appearance in "Moto Nakakai" has become a hot topic, and she is co-starring with Yunho and Changmin of "TVXQ" who are expanding their activities in Japan, as well as Lim Yoon-ha, who appears in this work in "King the Land".
JUNHO and Chansung of ``2PM'', Kang Ki Young of Hot Topic who also acted in ``Woo Young Woo Lawyer is a Genius'', Chris Ryan of ``Itaewon Class'', Lee Young of ``Juvenile Trial'', etc. Day
The stars of the TV series, which became a Hot Topic in the book, talk about the charm of the movie. At the end, there's also a scene where Chansung blurts out, ``Helping with the interview...'' and JUNHO makes fun of him! From the Korean entertainment industry
``Confidential: Mutual Assistance Investigation'' has been highly praised and is gaining many fans in Japan since its release. Please enjoy it on the big screen! [STORY]
North Korean elite special agent Lim Cheol-ryong arrives in South Korea. His mission is to chase down the leader of an international criminal organization who has escaped from the North and the missing $1 billion. “International mutual assistance” from the north
Kang Jin-tae, a veteran detective from the South who had been demoted due to a failure in the investigation, volunteers to be his partner in hopes of returning to the field. In fact, this is the second time the two have teamed up, and it's for Cheol-ryong.
Jin-tae's sister-in-law Min-young, who is in love with him, was looking forward to seeing him again. While hiding each other's true intentions and confidential information, when they step into the leader's hideout, FBI agent Jack appears.
. At the end of a fierce conflict, the three parties and three countries reassemble their teams, and a surprising mastermind stands in their way. Director: Lee Seok-hoon “The Himalayas ~ Bonds 8,000 meters above the ground ~”
Starring: HyunBin "Crash Landing on You", Yoo Hae Jin "Taxi Driver - Promise Across the Sea" Im Yoona (SNSD) "EXIT"
Exit”, Daniel H “Criminal Minds” series, Jin SunKyu “Extreme Job”
Distribution: Gaga Original title: Mutual Aid 2: International | English title: CONFIDENTIAL ASSIGNMENT
2: INTERNATIONAL | 129 minutes | Korea | Color | Cinemasco | 5.1CH Digital | Subtitle translation: Rie Nemoto Ⓒ 2022 CJ ENM CO., LTD.,


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