``BIGBANG'' SOL says, ``Spending time with my family makes me happy...It's in harmony with my well-being.''
SOL answered the question. On the 29th, the YouTube channel “VOGUE KOREA” posted, “What is the way to increase SOL and Somi’s self-esteem? | VOGUE
A video titled ``MEETS'' was posted. In the video released, TAEYANG talked about health. ``I exercise three to four times a week, five times at most, and take a walk in the morning and evening.
I was trying to get my body in shape, but now I'm focusing on making sure I look my best when I exercise. I exercise to maintain that state, and when I don't exercise, I also use time to organize my thoughts.
It takes time. I try to exercise every day to maintain good condition." SOL often takes walks as a way to relieve stress. “Looking at the changing seasonal scenery,
Someone who organizes their thoughts while looking at the color of the sky. Even better, I think spending time talking with like-minded people, sharing thoughts, and healing is what brings me mental happiness."
did. He continued, ``I'm happy spending time with my family.Also, since the pandemic, my album has been released and I've continued to meet my fans through performances.I think that's my greatest happiness.''
added. He also said, ``I think I am someone who enjoys the process of my work. Sometimes the results are good and sometimes they are bad.In order to work for a long time, I have to enjoy the process of working more than the results.''
I don't think so. I think if you are highly satisfied with the process, you will be able to continue doing the job you love for a long time,'' he said, which caught my attention. He also said, ``For me, health is ``harmony.'' Harmony is, in a sense, beautiful.
I think it's a sense of balance, and I think it's the most important point in life that you always think about. I believe that when this is done in a healthy manner, the mind and body will be kept healthy. Greater harmony in many ways
"I'm making a big deal out of it," he said.
2023/10/29 23:13 KST
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