BOM (former2NE1) makes a comeback after 1 year and 8 months! New song released on the 22nd
Singer BOM (Park Bom) from the Korean girl group "2NE1" will make a comeback. 9th, management officeD
According to NATION Entertainment, BOM will be airing on various music platforms at 6 pm on the 22nd of this month.
The new song "I" will be released through. “I” is the first release in 1 year and 8 months since BOM released “Flower” in collaboration with Kim MinSeok of “MELOMANCE” in March last year.
This is a new song that will be performed on. Management Office introduced the song as ``a pop ballad genre song that harmonizes the melody of an acoustic guitar with the sound of an electric guitar.'' She continued, ``Situation of being lonely and alone.
It's a song that deals with the theme of ``, and it reflects the story of BOM.'' Management Office has released a music video (MV) that includes part of the sound source of the new song through various online channels.
They released a teaser video, raising fans' expectations for their comeback.

[Teaser] Park Bom -「I」MV Teaser 1
[Teaser] Park Bom -「I」MV Teaser 1

2023/11/09 10:55 KST
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