”TWICE” JIHYO, superior glamor... ”Pure and sexy” no matter how many times you look at it
TWICE's JIHYO has become a hot topic by showing off his glamorous style. On the 26th, member JIHYO of the group "TWICE" posted "Jitsumamma" on his Instagram.
He posted several authenticated photos that included recent information along with the caption, ``Nose''. In the published photo, JIHYO and fellow TWICE member TZUYU are wearing gorgeous and sexy stage costumes.
He is seen wearing it and leaving a verification shot. JIHYO flaunted her sexy glamor in a sleeveless outfit that was particularly snug and showed off her style, impressing fans.
Meanwhile, TWICE, to which JIHYO belongs, will be in Fukuoka from the 27th to the 28th, Mexico City from February 2nd to 3rd next year, Sao Paulo, Brazil from the 6th to 7th, and the US on March 16th.
Hold a solo concert in Las Vegas.

2023/12/27 08:09 KST
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