”BLACKPINK” LISA extensively promotes her personal label ”LLOUD”... Billboard advertisements all over the world
BLACKPINK's LISA has unveiled her personal label ``LLOUD'' and is actively promoting it on Hot Topic.
On the 8th, LISA posted on her channel, ``See my vision in the field of music and entertainment.''
I would like to introduce LLOUD, a platform that allows you to do things," and posted a photo, writing, "Please walk with me on this interesting journey of overcoming new boundaries."
In the published photo, LISA is seen wearing a black tie and a jacket, giving off the aura of a CEO.
LISA released several more photos through the official channel of "LLOUD". "LLOUD" billboard advertisement
It is eye-catching that they are installed all over the world. Recently, he appeared in New York's Times Square, Los Angeles' Hollywood Boulevard, Singapore, and Thailand. Especially LISA
Visiting Rewood Road and taking a selfie in front of a billboard advertisement. LISA has embarked on promoting her personal label on a large scale. I have high hopes for the future.
2024/02/11 10:41 KST
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