Various opinions have been expressed on D-LITE's web variety programme 'Naraku Quiz Show'.

On the 10th, D-LITE's 'Naraku Quiz Show' was released on the PSICK Univ. channel.

D-LITE's appearance became a big topic of conversation after he was announced as a guest, and due to the nature of the 'Naraku Quiz Show', which is characterised by a satirical gag in which the guest is asked a perplexing question, what kind of content it will be, especially due to the past incidents and accidents of 'BIGBANG', including D-LITE, the level of questions The level of the questions was the focus of attention.

However, the video that was released did not break through the debate, but rather caused controversy with the untimely 'tolerated'. In particular, D-LITE's reference to irrelevant '2NE1' while largely avoiding any reference to 'BIGBANG' stood out and was accused of being a half-baked content.

The content began with a question on choosing the Chinese characters for 'inevitable return'. MC Kim Min-soo said: 'The question is difficult, so you can have a chance to call it. However, the other party is only G-DRAGON", and D-LITE did not use chance.

He also asked whether GD's next album should go to Cambodia or North Korea. D-LITE said, "Is this okay?" and then asked, "What should I do?" He said, "What should I do? It's not about me, so why... make it about me".

This was followed by the question of putting '2NE1', Teddy, 'BLACK PINK' and 'Jinusean' in order of their contribution to YG's success, to which D-LITE replied that it was Teddy, 'Jinusean', 'BLACK PINK' and '2NE1', and then added, "I also feel like 'BIGBANG' but it's not an option. . We are the lowest, though. D-LITE also broke out in a cold sweat when asked to choose which of the '2NE1' members should be left out.

The question was confusing enough for D-LITE, and some said that it was a problem for the production team to bring up '2NE1', but the various reactions to the 'Naraku Quiz Show' have continued. Some netizens asked, "If you can't even talk about it, why did you call D-LITE?" and "Why can't you talk about 'BIGBANG'? I didn't imagine they would bring up '2NE1'", "It's a power relationship" and other disappointed reactions.
2024/02/11 19:01 KST
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