”BLACKPINK” ROSE begins full-fledged solo career... Partial release of sound source & fan name recruitment
``BLACKPINK'' ROSE hints at solo activities and has become a hot topic. On the 11th, ROSE opened an announcement channel through his personal SNS. ``Everyone, I am...'' in Korean and English.
This is Chae Young! Thank you very much for celebrating my 27th birthday." She continued, ``I haven't had a lot of news recently, so I think you must have been curious about my latest status.''
However, I have spent the past year with you all working hard every day, hoping to see you in better shape.''
She added, ``At a more perfect time, I wanted to appear right away, but I haven't received any notifications, but today is my birthday.''
"I wanted to share it with you," he said, "This song is called 'vampirehollie', which is still a pseudonym, but it's a song I worked on last year," and released about 20 seconds of the song, which appears to be a solo self-composed song.
At the end, he said, ``This year, I will work even harder to come back in better shape. Thank you very much for celebrating my birthday.''
I gave you one gift, so you can also give me one gift! Please nominate only one of my fan names at the voting window."
BLACKPINK, which debuted in 2016, is nearing the end of its contract and has recently announced that it will resume group activities with YG Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as YG).
Sign a contract. However, all members left YG without signing additional contracts for solo activities. After that, JENNIE released her personal label “ODD
ATELIER”, LISA established “LLOUD”. It has been learned that JISOO is preparing a brand and management office that will be represented by his brother.
Meanwhile, ROSE was the only group that had not been informed of their progress or withdrawal, but by releasing some of their music and asking for fan names, they hinted at solo activities, increasing fan interest and expectations.
There is. In particular, ROZE recently released a photo of his recording room, and it is known that famous overseas music producers have followed ROSE on SNS, so it seems that he is preparing a solo album.
There was some speculation that it might not.
2024/02/12 11:54 KST
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