``BLACKPINK'' ROSE starts full-fledged independent New Post...Fashionista who suits stylish style
ROSE of the group ``BLACKPINK'' exuded a fashionable atmosphere. On the 12th, several recent photos with emojis were posted on ROSE's personal channel.
In the published photo, ROSE shows off her fashionable charm with her blonde hair, matching cap, and glasses. ROSE wears wide tops and wide crotch pants.
Even wearing a pair of pants, she boasted a rough yet stylish fashion that attracted attention. Prior to this, ROSE was recruiting fandom names and starting the engine to become fully independent.
I got it. In addition, a stylish photo was released, raising expectations for ROSE's solo career. On the other hand, "BLACKPINK", to which ROSE belongs, was announced last year by YG Entertainment.
They have renewed their group contract excluding individual activities.

2024/02/12 18:18 KST
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