DARA (former2NE1), “Although it’s a variety show, it’s terrible”…Reacts to D-LITE (BIGBANG)’s comment on “YG’s contribution”
DARA (former2NE1) responded, ``I'm sick because of D-LITE.'' On the afternoon of the 16th, Brian (Fly To
The Sky) and DARA appeared. On this day, DJ Kim Tae-kyun said, ``BIGBANG's D-LITE is a team with a low contribution to success in YG through the 'Psick University' channel.
``I chose 2NE1 as the best choice.'' In response, Dara said, ``I was surprised too. At first, I was a little disappointed. I know it's a variety show, but I was still disappointed.
We met at a shop yesterday, and as soon as we saw each other, we hit it off." He continued, "A variety show is a variety show, and we're close.
``BIGBANG'' and ``2NE1'' have a relationship like brother and sister.''
He continued, ``I think the actual contribution was that even I was the one who built the elevator a long time ago.I feel proud that ``2NE1'' was the same as Dan Ji, who built about the first floor.''
2024/02/16 16:25 KST
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