DARA (former2NE1), who was “disgusted by D-LITE’s comments,” feels proud of her contribution… “I have a relationship with BIGBANG like a brother and sister.”
DARA (former2NE1) spoke about the Korean group ``BIGBANG'' D-LITE's mention of ``2NE1'' at ``Psick University''.
On the afternoon of the 16th, Brian (Fly
To The Sky) and DARA appeared. On this day, Brian said, ``There is a ballot box corner in the lobby of M headquarters.We also sell goods.'' Busy schedule
``I don't know where I am right now,'' he joked, ``As Dara-san also mentioned a few days ago, radio is a place where people come to work, but for me it's a place where I feel like a former worker.''
I think it's a place. Just looking at Kim Tae-gyun's face relieves stress,'' he said, inviting warmth.
Recently, D-LITE of "BIGBANG" has chosen "2NE1" as a group with a low contribution to success in YG on the "Psick University" channel.
I chose. Dara responded, ``I was surprised too by how sudden it was. At first I was a little disappointed. I know it's a variety show, but I was still disappointed. I met her at a shop yesterday, but I couldn't see her face.
``Variety shows are variety shows, and we're good friends. BIGBANG and 2NE1 are like brother and sister.''
I think they may have built an elevator. I'm proud of the fact that 2NE1's first floor was built by Dan Ji.''
To this, Brian replied, ``I think they built a building.
There was a couple matching show in the US, and ``2NE1'' was on it. Those people came to Korea, and they came out as 2NE1 and learned dancing," he said at the time.
He mentioned that it was 2NE1 that enjoyed the highest popularity. Brian also responded to DJ Kim Tae-kyun's comment, ``Isn't she the singer who represents SM?''
The atmosphere is ``HOT''. I think ``Fly To The Sky'' is the next after ``SES'' and ``SHINHWA''. I think we built the elevator, stairs, and warehouse.
The old company building in Cheongdam-dong. I have never been to the new place I moved to. I want to go,” he said.
2024/02/16 20:19 KST
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