”BTS” JIN makes a congratulatory comment on ”Today's J-HOPE's birthday” on V...Fans also feel ”warm”
J-Hope of the group BTS is celebrating his birthday, and the cheering and celebration continues. J-Hope, who is currently fulfilling his national defense duties, announced today (18th) that he is in the military.
I celebrated my birthday. To commemorate this day, various celebration images and behind-the-scenes photos were released on BTSOfficialSNS, inviting joy.
Similarly, member JIN, who is currently serving in the military, also sent a message of congratulations to J-HOPE, showing his obligation.
JIN left a comment on the fan community Weverse saying, ``Happy birthday.''
However, the bulletin board with JIN's celebration message was not written by J-Hope, but by V, which caught people's attention.
, the latest post on the "BTS" channel was written by V, "Interim report. Achieved 72.5 kg," and JIN wrote a comment here to congratulate J-HOPE on his birthday.
thing. Jin's unexpectedness in writing a congratulatory message far away made fans laugh. In the midst of all this, J-Hope celebrated his birthday by releasing a letter he had written to his fans in advance.
He said, ``It's February 18th, 2018. So many people are celebrating this time as well. That's just my wish,'' he said with a laugh, ``I've adapted very well and am having a good time.
"I'm very concerned about the former," he said, informing them of his safety. He went on to say, ``I have vivid memories of receiving many congratulations from everyone on every birthday,'' and added, ``Since I am in the military, I have to convey my safety in a different way (than before).
It's a shame that I have to be there, but even so, right now I'm thinking about you more than anything, and I really want to see you all.
My birthday was even more meaningful because of you," he expressed his gratitude.
did. In addition, on this day of his birthday, J-Hope added meaning by releasing a new project teaser video. Big Hit Music announced that J-HOPE will be releasing “HOPE” in March.
"ON THE STREET" will be released, and he said, "I poured my heart and soul into all the preparations before joining the military. I hope my fans will look forward to this project as well," raising expectations.
I met. On the other hand, BTS is currently spending a "vacation period" with all members serving in the military, with the aim of starting activities as a complete group in 2025.
2024/02/18 17:51 KST
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