「GOT7」YUGYEOM、1stソロアルバム「TRUST ME」ハイライトメドレーを公開…カムバックD-1
”GOT7” YUGYEOM releases highlight medley of 1st solo album ”TRUST ME”...Comeback D-1
YUGYEOM, a member and singer of the boy group "GOT7", has released a part of the entire sound source of "TRUST ME", attracting attention.
On the 19th, a highlight medley video containing some of the sound sources of all the songs from the band's 1st full album ``TRUST ME'' was released through AOMOfficialSNS.
First of all, the title song ``1 Minute Only'' is a song that highlights Yugyeom's charming voice, and captivates former listeners with its addictive hook and sophisticated melody line.
In addition to this, Yugyeom also released songs such as “LA SOL MI” and “Be Alright (Feat.
Punchnello),” “Steppin,” “LOLO,” “WUH,” and “Ponytail (Feat. Sik-K),” which expressed a variety of sensibilities.
Prior to the release of their first full-length album "TRUST ME", YUGYEOM will release the GREEN (IGOT7) and YELLOW (Dandelion) version of the concert.
Photo Photo has released a variety of teasers, including the music video teaser for ``One Minute'' and this highlight medley.
Through this, YUGYEOM, who showed his attractive visuals and deeper personality, will be released on ``TRUS''.
Expectations are high as to what kind of well-made new songs will fill up "T ME". Meanwhile, YUGYEOM's 1st full album "TRUST"
ME'' will be released on various online music sites at 6 pm on the 21st.

YUGYEOM, フルアルバム [TRUST ME] Highlight Medley
YUGYEOM, フルアルバム [TRUST ME] Highlight Medley

2024/02/20 08:09 KST
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