”NCT” Tae Yeon's honest feelings in her new album ”TAP”... Expectations are high for her solo comeback
Tae Yeon of the boy group "NCT" shares his honest feelings on his second solo album "TAP". Tae Yeon will release her 2nd mini album 'TAP' on the 26th. This time Alba
The album will include 6 songs in which Tae Yeon participated in composing all the songs and writing the exclusive lyrics, and will include his candid stories. New song “Run”
Away” has a warm guitar riff and drum sound in the first half of the song, and changes instantly from the middle.
It's a rock genre song where the section creates a different atmosphere, and the lyrics are about honestly confessing your feelings to the person who left you, and Tae Yeon's speedy and refreshing singing ability harmonizes well.
Showcasing a harmonious and fresh charm. Another recorded song, "APE", boldly shows off Tae Yeon's confident side as an artist, while also expressing the worries and enlightenment deep inside her.
It's a hip-hop song with a heavy texture, a variety of percussion, and a variety of vocals, creating an intense atmosphere. "404" recorded together
"Loading" is the record song "404 File Not" from the 1st mini album.
This song follows "Found", and unlike the previous work which had a minor atmosphere, it is a song that overcomes loneliness and sadness.
It conveys the message of wanting to be with the person you love forever. This song marks the end of this album, leaving a deep aftertaste and making us look forward to another start from Tae Yeon in the future.
Ru. Meanwhile, before the release of her second mini album on the 26th, Tae Yeon will hold her first solo concert at the Olympic Hall in Seoul Olympic Park on the 24th and 25th.
2024/02/20 18:08 KST
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