「BTS」JIMIN、「Like Crazy」がDeezerワールドワイド1位…韓国アーティスト初
”BTS” JIMIN, ”Like Crazy” ranks No. 1 worldwide on Deezer...first for Korean artist
"BTS" Jimin has once again raised the status of the Korean music industry in the global music market. JIMIN's "Like"
Crazy” is now available on global streaming platform Deezer Worldwide
It became the first K-Pop song to reach number 1 on the chart. BTS's songs ``Permission to Dance,'' ``Dynamite,'' and ``ON'' have ranked second in the past.
Detailed rankings by country for “Like Crazy”, which reached No. 1 worldwide on Deezer, are No. 1 in Argentina, Chile, and Poland, and No. 1 in Guatemala and Turkey on the same day.
It ranked 2nd and 3rd in Spain. In addition, he has shown stable performance in various countries around the world, including 7th place in the UK and 23rd place in Italy.
On March 24th of last year, he released his autobiographical solo album “FACE,” in which he participated in all lyrics, composition, and production.
Jimin, who released the song, became the first Korean solo singer to achieve this feat by reaching number one on Billboard's main single chart Hot 100 with his title song ``Like Crazy''.
In addition, she became the first Korean solo singer to rank 1st on the Billboard Artist 100 chart and 2nd on the main album chart Billboard 200, 10 years after her debut.
set a huge record in his first solo career, and is exerting a powerful influence that is on par with that of the group. Especially with Deezer, “Like” set an unprecedented record.
Crazy” previously ranked No. 1 on Billboard’s “Hot 100” and became the first K-POP solo artist to take No. 1 on Spotify, the world’s largest music site.
Profit. He has been praised for redefining the ideal image and standard of musical achievement for solo artists. JIMIN joined the military in December last year, and when he completed the recruit training corps, he was ranked 1st out of all the trainees.
He was awarded the division commander's award. He is currently serving in the Army's 5th Infantry Division.
2024/02/21 06:04 KST
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