「BTS」J-HOPE、スペシャルアルバム「HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1」のプレビューカットを公開
”BTS” J-HOPE releases preview cut of special album ”HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1”
J-HOPE of the Korean boy group "BTS" announced the special album "HOPE ON" on the official SNS of "BTS" at midnight on the 22nd (hereinafter referred to as Japan time).
A preview cut of "THE STREET VOL.1" has been posted. The new album provides him with artistic inspiration for his ``street dance''
As the material used is ``dance'', the photos exude a free-spirited atmosphere. In particular, this content is designed to resemble an impromptu photo with a characteristic of improvisation.
The name of the album handwritten by J-HOPE and the name of the city in the background of the photo are impressive. This special album was planned along with a documentary series of the same name.
J-Hope made a unique attempt to create music and videos with the common theme of his roots of dance. The album preview cut was taken on the set of a documentary series.
The photos make the organic nature of the album and documentary even more apparent. People are curious as to which episode of the documentary the photo released that day is related to.
J-HOPE's special album ``HOPE ON THE STREET VOL.1'' will be released simultaneously worldwide at 1 pm on March 29th. This album will include a total of 6 songs recorded.
Through BAM, we can see the further growth of solo artist J-Hope's abilities. Album preview on February 24th, highlight medley on the 27th, Thailand on the 28th of next month
The official motion picture teaser that serves as the music video (MV) for Toru's song will be released. Documentary series “HOPE ON THE
``STREET'' tells the story of J-Hope, who visits many cities around the world such as New York, Paris, and Seoul, and communicates with dancers working there through ``dance.'' The day before the album release
The first documentary will be broadcast on online video services (OTT) ``TVING'' and ``Prime Video'' at midnight on March 28th.

2024/02/22 11:10 KST
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