”CNBLUE” Lee Jung Shin cast in ”Escape of the Seven” Season 2 ”Resurrection of the Seven”... Reset ”Revenge”
Actor Lee Jung Shin, a member of the band CNBLUE, has been cast as the lead in ``Resurrection of the Seven''.
SBS's new Fri-Sat TV series "Resurrection of the Seven" is based on the seeds of "Escape of the Seven" which aired last year.
This is the work that corresponds to N2, and depicts the terrifying and intense mutual aid of seven people who have been reborn on the reset stage of revenge.
In the drama, Lee Jung Shin plays Hwang Chan, the representative of Korea's largest portal site "SAVE".
He plays the role of Son. Hwang Chan-sung was originally the successor to one of Korea's three major newspaper companies, but he gave up everything and jumped into the portal site business, which took the top spot in market share and earned him recognition for his skills.
is. He has perfect visuals, physicality, and abilities, and has started to take an interest in Han Mone (Lee Yu Bi), and people are already curious to see how things will develop.
Lee Jung Shin has been active and loved as a singer and actor.
“CNBLUE” will hold an Asian tour “2024 CNBLUE” for the first time in about 7 years.
LIVE'CNBLUENTITY'IN ASIA' will be held to meet with fans. As an actor, he tried his first professional acting role in his previous work ``Nagareboshi'' and appeared in ``Young & Rich''.
Lee Jung Shin, who has created a ``tall and handsome'' character, will join as a new face in Season 2 of ``The Escape of the 7'' and ``Resurrection of the 7'', which was a Hot Topic last year.
Expectations are high whether he will show a dramatic transformation and arouse curiosity. Meanwhile, ``Resurrection of the Seven'' is scheduled to be broadcast in South Korea on March 29th at 10 pm.
2024/02/23 16:03 KST
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