“BTS” J-HOPE makes a special appearance on TVING “DNAcers”
J-Hope of the group "BTS" will make a special appearance on "DNAcers".
“DNAcers” “Global K-Dance” will be premiered on TVING on the 26th
J-HOPE appears as a special messenger on “DNAcers” project and collects Hot Topics.
When J-HOPE made a surprise appearance through the teaser video for “DNAcers,” fans at home and abroad were impressed.
There continues to be explosive interest from viewers. In the teaser video, J-Hope is seen conveying an express mission that will surprise dancers in the middle of Las Vegas, and he is very excited about the main broadcast.
Expectations skyrocketed. All eyes are focused on what kind of mission J-Hope will convey to 'DNAcers'.
"DNAcers" is the first K-dance global reality program in Japan, and a large number of world-class dancers will appear.
do. No. 1 in the world's B-Boy rankings and a total of 244 million views on YouTube, including Fusion MC, a world-class breaking crew.
MZ (Millennials and Generation Z, born between 1980s and 2000s), the main character of the dance challenge, Emmett Sound, is scheduled to appear, arousing curiosity about Workle's skills.
stir up A representative Korean dancer who shows the hardships of K-dance is "JERK," which opened the Pyeongchang Olympics.
He is a performance director for K-Pop stars such as "FAMILY", "SHINee"'s TAEMIN, and "NCT", and is a poppin idol crew.
"DA'ONEZ", "DOKTEUK" who showed unique K dance at global dance competitions such as the 2023 "World of Dance" LA victory
Even the hip-hop crew ``HANYA'', who created global K-POP performances such as ``CREW'' and ``BTS'', are just a brilliant lineup.
It creates a sense of anticipation as to what kind of performance they will perform. Not only that, the dance survival program Mnet “STREET WOMAN”
Even talented ordinary dancers selected according to strict standards, such as AIKI, who created a dance craze across the country with ``FIGHTER'', are also famous.
We are proud of our beautiful faces. Representative idols of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd generation, DARA (former2NE1), Lee Gi-kwang (HIGHLIGHT), and Lee Dae Hwi (AB6IX) appeared as MCs.
, he plans to bring out the charm of the program with his rich speaking skills that come from his experience. "DNAcers" 1 and EP 2 will be released consecutively on TVING on the 26th.
EP1 will be released every Monday.
2024/02/23 18:31 KST
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