「EXO」BAEK HYUN&XIUMIN&CHEN、 パワー爆発!…コミュニケーションアプリオープン初日“サーバー殺到”
“EXO” BAEK HYUN & XIUMIN & CHEN, power explosion!… “Server flood” on the first day of communication app opening
Group EXO members and solo artists BAEK HYUN, XIUMIN, and CHEN are once again proving their box office IP power and attracting attention.
On the 7th, management office INB100 (I&B100) said, ``While the communication platform opened at 11 a.m. today (the 7th), many
Due to the interest, there was an incident where traffic was concentrated and the server exploded, resulting in a wait order.''We will work closely with DEAU Co., Ltd. to ensure that there is no inconvenience to our fans.''
revealed. This is a communication platform that allows you to use the message services of BAEK HYUN, XIUMIN, and CHEN. BAEK
The hot topic of the industry and K-Pop fans was focused on the fact that a separate new application was developed exclusively for HYUN, XIUMIN, and CHEN.
In fact, from the first day of its official opening, the platform attracted a lot of traffic, proving the firepower of the three people.
Ta. Through this, you can feel not only the solid IP power of the three members, but also the special love they have from their fans, who have been actively interacting with each other. BAEK
In the afternoon of the same day, HYUN posted on his personal SNS, ``Can I send it now? This is the first time I've been told not to send it yet.'' ``I want to send it.''
He shared the situation with fans in real time and drew laughter. The timing was adjusted directly so that more fans could see the first message.
. On the other hand, INB100 is an independent label that was officially launched at the beginning of this year to support the various activities of BAEK HYUN, XIUMIN, and CHEN.
BAEK HYUN will hold a solo concert 'Lonsdaleite' at Seoul KSPO DOME on the 16th and 17th, followed by a 13-city Asian tour.
XIUMIN will hold a birthday fan meeting ``FROZEN TIME'' on the 23rd and will continue various activities in March.
2024/03/07 16:10 KST
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