DARA (former2NE1) declares “no bra” in Paris… “Nipple patch” to deter people around her
Singer DARA (former2NE1) announced that she would go ``no bra'', but was unable to do so due to restrictions from those around her.
DARA and Brian appeared on SBS Power FM's ``2 o'clock Escape Cartu Show'' broadcast on the 8th.
(Fly To The Sky) appeared as a guest. Pekka, a member of the mixed group ``KOYOTE'', served as a special DJ.
Dara said, ``It was very interesting,'' and revealed that she recently went to Paris Fashion Week.
``I am active here as ``Brian+DARA''.
In Paris, it was a real 'bladara'." After asking about the water level that can be mentioned on the program, DARA said, ``If you go to Paris, no one will wear a bra.''
``I said to my stylist, ``Maybe I should go ahead and try it,'' but she told me, ``No, I have to think about Korea,'' and she told me that I had to get a nipple patch.''
looked back. Then I thought, ``I'm a brat here too.'' In response, DJ Kim Tae-gyun said, ``There's a rule that you can't wear underwear there.''
"Is that so?" he asked. DARA said, ``Everyone was so jealous.'' Brian said, ``Recently, it seems like men have made us do this in the United States, and a culture has developed where women don't wear bras because they don't like it.''
"I'm working on it," he said. Pekka said, ``I think there are some Korean singers as well, including Hwasa.'' Kim Tae-gyun said, ``It's frustrating,'' and ``I used to talk about my immigrant life on the radio.''
There have been circumstances where I have had to make it longer. When I said to my neighbor, an older sister who lived abroad, ``I'm frustrated with my life,'' she said, ``Take off your bra,'' she said, making her laugh.
. Dara shared her thoughts on attending Paris Fashion Week, saying, ``Everyone was so confident and looked great.''
2024/03/10 07:59 KST
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