”BABYMONSTER” AHYEON's presence is overwhelming... visuals of 7 members released
The visuals of the seven members of YG Entertainment's new girl group "BABYMONSTER" have been unveiled.
On the 15th, YG Entertainment posted on their official blog, “[BABYMONS7ER]
VISUAL PHOTO | AHYEON” was posted. Even the poster of AHYEON, which was the last piece of the puzzle, has been released, and the "complete form" has finally been perfectly arranged.
I got it. AHYEON's very existence is overwhelming. Armed with deep charisma, AHYEON's photogenic gestures and captivating gaze capture the hearts of viewers.
attracted me all at once. When I think of the image of AHYEON and the appearance of the six members that were released one after another, I think of "B
ATTER UP'' and the released preview song ``Stuck In The Middle,'' which has a beautiful dress visual, is a reaction that hints at a strong concept that is different from that of the released preview song ``Stuck In The Middle.''
BABYMONSTER will release their 1st mini album at midnight on April 1st. The album name is a combination of the group's English spelling "T" and "7", which symbolizes the seven members.
BABYMONS7ER”. Furthermore, through this album, "BABYMONSTER" will engage in a variety of activities such as music programs and fan meetings, bringing them closer to fans around the world.
I'm planning to do it.
2024/03/15 10:05 KST
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