”BIGBANG”, G-DRAGON and SOL gather at D-LITE's concert...Will the trio make a complete comeback?
BIGBANG's G-DRAGON and TAEYANG provided support for D-LITE's solo Fan Meeting. The interaction between the three members of “BIGBANG” is active
Will we be able to see their complete comeback in the midst of all this? D-LITE's first solo fan meeting "D
AESUNG FAN DAY: D's ROAD in SEOUL" was held. This is the first Exclusive Fan Meeting held by D-LITE as a solo artist.
It was the first performance in about 6 years since BIGBANG's concert held at the end of 2017. BIGBANG members visited the venue to support him.
. On the 17th, G-DRAGON posted an announcement of D-LITE's Fan Meeting and a video of the Fan Meeting on his personal SNS.
G-DRAGON is D-LITE playing with a fan holding the official support stick of BIGBANG,
Along with the song ``Life,'' the video included images of himself reflected on an electronic bulletin board. Not only that, G-
DRAGON captured Taeyang on camera as he appeared on stage at D-LITE. In the video, TAEYANG happily greets D-LITE as “my brother” and says, “EYES,
NOSE, LIPS” live stage and communicated with the audience who were both D-LITE fans and BIGBANG fans.
The three members of ``BIGBANG'' gathered at one performance venue like this.
In 2019, after VI (Seungri) left the team at club BURNING SUNaffair, he decided to join the team in 2022 as “Still”.
"BIGBANG" visited the public with "Life", but last year TOP officially announced his withdrawal, and G-DR.
Only three people remain on the team: AGON, SOL, and D-LITE. Since then, the members have gone their separate ways, including establishing solo labels.
However, D-LITE, who recently released a new song, announced on the broadcast, ``If it wasn't for G-DRAGON and TAEYANG's support and encouragement, I wouldn't have been able to take on various challenges.''
Meanwhile, G-DRAGON also showed his commitment to ``BIGBANG'' by publicly promoting D-LITE's new song. The three of them have parted ways with YG Entertainment, with whom they worked together as a team.
, expectations are high for a complete comeback as a trio as they support each other and protect the team.
All eyes are on whether we will be able to hear BIGBANG's new song this year.
2024/03/18 13:12 KST
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