「Stray Kids」フィリックス、個人SNSのフォロワー1800万人突破!第4世代アーティストの中で最多
Felix of Stray Kids surpasses 18 million followers on his personal SNS account! The most among 4th generation artists
Felix of the Korean boy band Stray Kids has reached 18 million followers on Instagram.
Since opening his personal Instagram account in August last year, Felix has seen a rapid increase in followers, with 1
He had 8.35 million followers, the highest number among 4th generation K-pop artists, proving Felix's worldwide popularity.
Felix has been filling up his personal Instagram feed with photos that highlight his unique sensibility and charm, capturing the hearts of his fans.
Sharing everything from behind-the-scenes images to the little things in their daily lives, they communicated with STAYs (fandom name, name of fans) all over the world, leading to an upward trend in the number of followers.
The group social index of "Stray Kids" is also showing a clear trend of expansion. In addition to their outstanding performance and singing skills, the group also includes the process of creating songs themselves.
Official videos and a variety of original content featuring the members' fun energy entertain K-POP fans and are driving the increase in the number of channel subscribers. As if to corroborate this, on the afternoon of the 2nd
The number of subscribers on the official YouTube channel of "Stray Kids" has exceeded 15.9 million, the highest record among K-POP 4th generation groups, making them the 16 millionth subscriber.
Before. Meanwhile, Stray Kids, who have a unique position in the global music market, will be performing as headliners at overseas music festivals this summer.
2024/04/03 11:11 KST
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