”TWICE” Chaeyoung & singer So-mi, April Fool's prank? ...Controversy over exposing underwear at photo booth
Chaeyoung of South Korean girl group TWICE released an underwear-baring photo taken with singer Jeon So-mi in an unmanned photo booth, which she quickly deleted.

 On the 3rd April, Chaeyoung posted several photos of her recent situation on her SNS with the comment, "April Fool's date, it's been almost 11 years for us...".

 In the photos released, Chaeyoung and Jeon So-mi are seen visiting an unmanned photo booth and posing in various ways. Other photos included a selfie taken in an alley and Jeon So-mi making the 'V' sign for the camera while paying at a restaurant. Jeon So-mi commented, "lol lol lol, you know what? lol lol lol lol", and other comments were added.

 However, there was one photo in particular that caught the eye. The photo was taken with heart emoji, meaning April Fool's Day, in the frame, and Jung So-mi's underwear was exposed in the frame. The two were holding up their tops with a mischievous look on their faces, which caught the eye even more.

 The photo spread through the online community at a very fast pace. Chaeyoung deleted the photo in question about 20 minutes after it was uploaded.

 Netizens are exchanging conflicting opinions on the April Fool's Day prank between Chaeyoung and Jung So-mi. Some say that they are free to take any photo they want, while others say that the recent increase in the number of people taking revealing photos in photobooths is annoying them, and that it was not the right thing to do.

 Meanwhile, TWICE recently released their 13th mini-album 'ONE SPARK'. Jung So-mi also launched her own beauty brand on the 2nd of this month.

2024/04/03 14:27 KST
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