「Red Velvet」アイリーン、デビュー後初の単独写真展を開催…写真集も発売へ
”RedVelvet” IRENE holds the first exclusive photo exhibition after debut... Photo book will also be released
IRENE, a member of the girl group "Red Velvet", will hold a photo exhibition "1 Page of IRENE".
"IRENE" will be held from the 26th of this month until May 5th. As this is the first exclusive photo exhibition to be held since their debut, it is expected to attract a lot of attention from fans around the world.
In particular, this photo exhibition is planned with the theme of IRENE's "First Page," and features IRENE's unusual appearance and dazzling visuals that have never been seen before.
In commemoration of the exhibition, the photo book "1 Page of
"IRENE" will also be released, with three different versions available in a variety of configurations including unpublished photos that will not be seen at the exhibition.
Meanwhile, admission to the IRENE photo exhibition is free, and IRENE's photo book "1 Page of IRENE" will be released on the 26th.
2024/04/03 14:21 KST
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