ZICO(Block B)、「BLACKPINK」JENNIEと10周年記念の新曲でコラボ?
[Official] ZICO (Block B) collaborates with BLACKPINK's JENNIE on new song? ... Agency: ”It's difficult to confirm”
Will ZICO (Block B), who has celebrated his 10th anniversary since his solo debut, collaborate with JENNIE?
On the 4th (today), an official from ZICO's management officeKOZ Entertainment said in an interview with a Korean media, ``ZICO
"We are currently preparing for a comeback in April," and added, "We ask for your understanding that it will be difficult to confirm any other matters."
Earlier on this day, a media reported that JENNIE was featured in ZICO's new song commemorating their 10th anniversary. JENNIE is mi
He added that he has even finished filming the music video. On the other hand, ZICO released his 4th mini album "Grown Ass" in July 2022 after discharging in April 2022.
kid” and is preparing for his first comeback in two years.
2024/04/04 13:51 KST
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