「Stray Kids」から「ILLIT」まで…「音楽中心」上半期特集ラインナップ公開に日韓ファンが注目
From ”Stray Kids” to ”ILLIT”... Japanese and Korean fans pay attention to the release of ”MUSICCORE”'s first half special lineup
As soon as the lineup for MBC's "Show! MUSICCORE (Show! The Center of K-POP) First Half of the Year Special in JAPAN" was released, the number of views on social media exceeded 2 million.
This year, from June 29th to 30th, the "Show! MUSICCORE" first half special in Japan was held at the Belluna Dome in Tokyo for two days.
With "FASHION PHOTOS JAPAN" underway, the lineup released on the 11th of this month has been garnering hot topics.
The lineup announced includes "Stray Kids," "ENHYPEN," "ATEEZ," "&TEAM," and "FANTASY
"WISH", "NiZiu", "NMIXX", "n.SSign", "P1Harmony", "PLAVE",
The lineup was announced on MBC's Twitter account (formerly Twitter), which recorded 2 million views as of the 11th, with many fans posting comments such as "Show! Music
X's "First Half of the Year in Japan" special on "K-POP Center" also exceeded 250,000 views. He also ranked highly in the real-time trend rankings. Fans commented, "The emperors of K-POP have gathered,"
"When will tickets go on sale?", "Will the second lineup be revealed?", "What concerts do you want to get tickets for once they go on sale?", etc.
With a wide variety of groups confirmed to appear, from groups with huge global fandoms to new groups that will lead the future of K-pop,
There is a lot of anticipation as to which artists will be added to the lineup. The Belluna Dome, where the first half of the "Show! MUSICCORE" special will be held, can accommodate an audience of more than 30,000 people.
Yes, you can. Korea's leading K-pop artists are set to capture the hearts of local Japanese fans with their best ever performances.
2024/04/12 06:14 KST
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