5/4(土)「NCT DREAM」&5/5(日)「RIIZE」の公演、KNTVにて韓国から生中継決定!
The performances of ”NCT DREAM” on May 4th (Sat) and ”RIIZE” on May 5th (Sun) will be broadcast live from Korea on KNTV!
Stream Media Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Tosuke Kin) will be broadcasting the "20
24 NCT DREAM WORLD TOUR <THE DREAM SHOW 3: DREAM( )SCAPE> in SEOUL', and on the 5th (Sun) '2024
It has been decided that RIIZE FAN-CON 'RIIZING DAY' in SEOUL will be broadcast live for two consecutive days.
KNTV will be broadcasting the live broadcast of NCT DREAM's world tour "2024 NCT
The concert will be broadcast live from Korea on May 2nd (Thursday).
Starting with the Seoul performance, this will be the third world tour for "NCT DREAM", which will see them travel to North and South America, Europe, Asia, and more.
This concert is expected to allow fans to enjoy their more mature appearance and unique musicality, having just made a comeback with "( )SCAPE."
And last year, they made their Korean debut and have been attracting a lot of attention both at home and abroad.
RIIZE" will be held at the "2024 RIIZE FAN-CON 'RIIZING DAY'in Seoul Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium on Saturday, May 4th and Sunday, May 5th.
The group will hold their first fan concert tour starting with "SEOUL". This will be a memorable tour that marks the start of their full-scale global activities. KNTV will broadcast the precious performance on May 5th.
The concerts will be broadcast live from Korea on Sunday. Enjoy the energetic performances of these two artists on two consecutive days on KNTV!
2024/04/12 09:28 KST
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