SOL(BIGBANG)、参加者に人間性についてもアドバイス…「I-LAND2 : N/a」制作発表会開催
SOL (BIGBANG) gives advice to participants on humanity... ”I-LAND2: N/a” production presentation held
Singer SOL, a member of the group BIGBANG, shared his thoughts and determination regarding appearing on Mnet's I-LAND2: N/a.
On the 12th, Mnet held a broadcast of a new idol survival show, "I-LAND2:
SOL, who will be participating in the show as a producer, said on the day, "It's a novel idea to create a new girl group.
"I'm excited to be able to participate in the production and see the birth of a wonderful girl group," she said.
What's most exciting is creating a trendsetting girl group through the LABEL collaboration."
SOL said, "Based on the many experiences and thoughts I've gained over the past 17 years as a singer, I want to show the participants the skills and humanity they need.
"I will give them advice about sex," he said, adding, "I will do my best to create an artist with an unexpected color."
He also said, "When I debuted through the survival contest, many people watched me grow and develop.
"I-LAND2" is a program produced by CJ
It is a survival show that depicts the process of selecting members for girl groups belonging to WAKEONE, a label under ENM. It will be broadcast every Thursday from the 18th.
The show will be broadcast at 8:50 p.m. on the same day. The production team selected 24 participants to appear on the show through auditions held in 13 cities in 10 countries.
The lineup includes TEDDY, SOL, 24, VVN, dancers Monika and Lee Jung, and the MC is Song Kang.
2024/04/12 12:59 KST
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