NCT DREAM、新曲「Smoothie」リミックスをリリース…Arkinsが参加
”NCT DREAM” releases new song ”Smoothie” remix... Arkins participates
NCT DREAM has released a remix of their new song "Smoothie" that allows you to enjoy it in a new way.
ScreaM is an EDM label under SM Entertainment.
Records is currently releasing remix versions of songs by SM artists in the "iScreaM" project, and the 31st single is
The group's "iScreaM Vol.31: Smoothie Remix" was released on various music sites from 1:00 pm on the 12th.
This single includes the popular short-form song "Bongdu
Vina House (Vina House) is a song that features Arkins, a producer of the band "Wick Rangers," and features a bouncy synthesizer sound.
The song has been arranged in a house style, making the chorus even more addictive.
The new song "Smoothie" is the latest track from NCT DREAM's new album "DREAM(
It is the title track of "SCAPE" and is a hip-hop dance track with an appealing groove created by the 808 bass line, snare rhythm, and repeated chanting.
The song is a fusion of lyrics and NCT DREAM's powerful yet relaxed expressiveness.
DREAM topped the monthly, weekly and daily album charts in Japan with their new song "Smoothie"
Not only did they achieve four wins, including first place in the weekly charts, first place on music charts, and first place on music shows, but they also topped the weekly K-POP charts on five music platforms under Tencent Music in China, and QQMusic.
The album topped various music charts, including No. 1 on the MV for 'Gic' and Kugo Music's digital album sales chart, No. 1 on Japan's Recochoku daily album chart, and No. 1 on Japan's AWA real-time trending chart.
It has been very successful and has received a lot of support.
2024/04/13 06:15 KST
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