SUHO (EXO) stars in new TV series ”The Prince Has Disappeared” premieres today (13th)... He appears on ”News Center” before airing
SUHO of the group EXO will meet viewers by going back and forth between news and TV series. SUHO will appear in the MBN weekend TV series "The Prince Has Disappeared," which will premiere on the 13th.
He will play the role of Crown Prince Lee Gon, whose fate is reversed overnight when his father Hye-jung (Jung Jin-oh) becomes king after being kidnapped by a rebel.
After rising to the top of the palace, he was appointed as the crown prince. SUHO will be portraying the suspenseful story of Lee Gon, who was living a bright and promising life, but was caught up in a shocking incident in the palace and experienced many twists and turns.
From a playful personality to a charismatic charm amid a political power struggle, expectations are high for SUHO's transformation into the crown prince, who has teased viewers with his performance full of contrasts.
Prior to the premiere of "The Prince Has Disappeared," SUHO will appear on the "MBN News Center" program, which will be broadcast at 7:30 p.m., together with actress Myung Se Bin, who plays the role of Queen Dowager Min Su-ryung.
' SUHO will be sharing various stories about the TV series, including filming episodes and highlights, through 'News Center'.
"The Prince Has Disappeared" is a Korean version of the story of the Crown Prince being seduced by the woman who will become the Crown Princess.
This romantic comedy TV series will premiere on the 13th at 9:40 PM.

世子嬪にポッサムされた世子の運命は…?MBN週末ミニシリーズ「世子が消えた」5分ハイライト|MBN 240413 放送
世子嬪にポッサムされた世子の運命は…?MBN週末ミニシリーズ「世子が消えた」5分ハイライト|MBN 240413 放送

2024/04/13 11:59 KST
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