BTS' JUNG KOOK opens new SNS account... ”I have to brag about my child”
BTS member JUNG KOOK, who is currently serving in the military, has opened a social media account for his pet dog, which has become a hot topic.
KOOK shared his latest news on the global fan communication platform "Weverse"
JUNG KOOK said, "I can't brag about myself right now, so I have to brag about my child. Please be a fun 'Bam' from now on," along with his SNS ID and the message, "
The social media account that Jung Kook shared contained numerous photos of his beloved Doberman, Bam.
The first post on the 14th was followed by photos of Bam bouncing around in the garden.
The revelation of Woon's comment sparked an explosive response. It has only been a day since Jungkook announced the account, but the number of followers has already topped 2.82 million, proving the passionate interest.
Prior to this, in February of last year, JUNG KOOK suddenly deleted his social media accounts, which became a hot topic. JUNG KOOK had about 50 million followers.
KOOK suddenly deleted his social media accounts, and in response to fans' concerns that he had been hacked, he said, "It's not hacking.
I just deleted it. Don't worry," he said, adding, "I'll do a Weverse Live too. I deleted the (SNS) app right away, and I probably won't be doing it again from now on.
"We will let you know in advance," he added. JUNG has proven his global popularity with 50 million followers.
KOOK, so the news of his departure from the group on social media disappointed many fans.
After that, JUNG KOOK brought new news. JUNG enlisted in the 5th Army Division in December last year.
KOOK opens new account for his beloved dog, bringing great news to fans
The news has attracted attention. Meanwhile, it is known that JUNG KOOK is currently serving as a cook in his military unit. JUNG KOOK is scheduled to be discharged in June 2025.
2024/04/15 12:40 KST
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